Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond

My postcard pal Dan from Atlanta (USA) sent me this stunning card of the Hope Diamond from the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution). Dan obviously knows about my passion for jewellery!
The text on the back of the card says:
"The Hope Diamond was cut from the famous 'French Blue', which was brought to France from India in 1668 to become part of the crown jewels. The French Blue was stoles in 1792 and never recovered, but in 1812 an extraordinary 45.52 carat deep blue diamond came on the market in London. Later it was purchased by Henry Philip Hope for whom it was named. In 1949 the gem was acquired from the estate of Mrs. Evelyn Walsh McLean by Harry Winston, and in 1958 he presented it to the Smithsonian Institution. It is shown here in a diamond and platinum necklace designed by Pierre Cartier for Mrs. McLean in 1910. "
Many thanks for the gorgeous postcard Dan!

The beautiful stamps on the back of the card

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